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Metaphor Minute: Stepping Out On The World Stage




June 25, 2009

This Issue: Stepping Out On The World Stage

Social media: is it just the latest fad destined to go the way of hula hoops or is it the next game-changer? George Kao social media guru is definitely in the latter camp. George runs seminars on social media and faces the problem that any leader of a fresh enterprise, product, or idea has:

How to explain something new to people who have no reference point for the new thing, idea, or process?


He does it with metaphors and analogies.

“The social networking space is way better than face-to-face networking, because the size of the pool for potential contacts is so much greater… It’s like walking into a room with no walls and out onto the world stage, a kind of conference of the world which, by the way, is also open 24/7…Like the hotel, there is a check-in desk. That’s the search box at the upper right. But this is a special check-in box. You type in an email address of someone you are seeking and the name pops up. You type in a key word of your passion or interest and you are instantly teleported to the group that is your ideal audience who may be anywhere in the world…Oh, and did I mention there are no lines to get to these people?”

George offers metaphors to reinforce his specific tips and strategies for presenting yourself in the best light online as well. Many people use LinkedIn for business for recruitment, for finding jobs, or for developing new business. “Look at your profile,” says George. “Does it scream ‘boring?’ or does it humanize you? Just as you have family pictures, awards, degrees, and artwork in your office to reflect who you are as a person, put some of this ‘color’ into your profile as well for the people who come to visit you. Put down your interests, your passions, books you like to read, etc. Let visitors see a real person, not just a resume.” (FYI, he liked the fact that I include cabaret singing on my LinkedIn profile.)


Using familiar reference points to describe what’s new, George opens up his clients’ minds and hearts to the myriad possibilities that await them with social media and leaves them fired up –and ready—to participate successfully in this new phenomenon.

In Your World

What do you describe that ‘s new? To whom do you describe it? What analogies or metaphors can you tap to create excitement and understanding for your innovative ideas, products, or services that move people to accept and act on these innovations?

See you next month. Remember to Make What You Say, Pay—with metaphors.
Anne Miller, "Metaphorian"

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Ever Wonder Where the Name Twitter Comes From?
Interviewed by Maureen Dowd in The New York Times, Isaac (“Biz”) Stone, the co-inventor of Twitter, explained the name this way:

We had a lot of words like “Jitter” and things that reflected a hyper-nervousness. Somebody threw “Twitter” in the hat. I thought, “Oh, that’s the short trivial bursts of information that birds do.”

Perfectly metaphorical! Thank you, Steve Rivkin for this factoid.

A Wandering Mind Heads Straight Toward Insight
Latest research shows that the right brain –where metaphors resonate—plays a major role in those “aha!” moments of insight that we all have. Read what you have in common with Newton, Descartes, Einstein and Archimedes in this fascinating article from The Wall Street Journal

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