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Metaphor Minute: How Big Is Big




August 20, 2009

This Issue: How Big is Big?

Everyone knows social media is the “new” new thing, but do you know just HOW BIG it is? How many people are involved? How quickly it is growing? I was astonished by the numbers I saw in the video below.

For example, apparently if Facebook were a country it would be the fourth largest in the world behind China, India and the U.S. and ahead of Indonesia and Brazil. Pretty big.

For another, it took radio 38 years to reach 50 million people. TV 13 years to do the same. The Internet 4 years. The IPod 3 years and Facebook added 100 million people in a little less than 9 months. Where is this going?

As a Metaphorian, you will be struck by how cleverly these numbers are presented. All the data (the new information) is presented in terms of things you already know. That is the same premise behind metaphors and analogies. When you want to give information punch, meaning, and lasting impact, present it in terms already familiar to your listeners.

Enjoy! Click here to view video.

The Metaphor Minute is on vacation until after Labor Day. Hope you all enjoy the winding down of summer.

See you next month. Remember to Make What You Say, Pay—with metaphors.
Anne Miller, "Metaphorian"

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