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Metaphor Minute: Market Baseball




October 29, 2009

Market Baseball: Explaining the Rally to Clients

Although the market has backed off a bit lately, when it had its first mini-rally in the spring, many people thought that perhaps it was time to jump back into stocks and recoup some of their losses.

Debra Taylor and the folks at a professional development network for financial advisors still had some concerns about sustainability and wanted to watch matters more closely over time. Her challenge was not to get investors to act, but to actually restrain clients from rushing into investing.

How did she hold them back? With an analogy, metaphor’s close cousin.

It’s Like Baseball
She suggested, “Think of our current economy as a baseball diamond. Arrival at first base represents increasing demand in the credit markets (and falling yields).” She explained that in order for equity markets to rebound in a sustainable way, companies need access to reasonably priced financing.

Rounding second base indicates that the equity markets are strengthening, which is a precursor to economic revival. Third base represents recovery of the economy, and home plate indicates that we are making money again and that the economy and the markets are stabilized.

Slide into Home Base
Tying her analogy back to her investors, she concludes, “Just as it is impossible to get to third base without running past first and second, we find it difficult to believe that the economy will recover without seeing the credit markets and equity markets rebounding, in that order.”

Debra reports that, “Although this is a somewhat simplistic approach, I find this metaphor is not only visually powerful but memorable and convincing as well.”

Popular Source for Metaphor
Baseball is a versatile source for metaphors, because it is so well-known to people, even those who don’t follow the game. It is particularly effective when what you are explaining involves a sequence of actions, a series of components, or a group of contributing factors. developed an attractive and simple graphic to go along with their analogy, but you can just as effectively grab a piece of paper and a pen and draw the “bases” of your argument as you are talking about them. Neatness doesn’t count. Visualizing your points for your listener is what “scores” for them and for you.

Wishing you lots of treats on Halloween

See you next month. Remember to Make What You Say, Pay—with metaphors.
Anne Miller, "Metaphorian"

Horsesmouth (, a professional development network for financial advisors.

Short Sweet & Successful
Want budget sensitive clients to spend more with you? JC Penney has an excellent (metaphoric) strategy to entice budget-conscious customers to spend money at their stores this Christmas season. Their latest ad reads, “Give like Santa, Save Like Scrooge.” I love this because the ad recognizes the “spend-save” frustration most people are feeling these days and then uses just the right images to succinctly and memorably position Penney as the way out of that dilemma. Brilliant.  Can you leverage this approach in your business?

Giving Feedback from Yahoo! CEO Carol Bartz
“I have the puppy theory. When the puppy pees on the carpet, you say something right then because you don’t say six months later, “Remember that day, January 12, when you peed on the carpet?” That doesn’t make any sense. “This is what is on my mind. This is quick feedback. And then I’m on to the next thing.” The New York Times, 10/18/09.

Glad to Help...
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