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Metaphor Minute: Visual Hammers




February 25, 2010

Visual Hammers

Al Ries, marketing guru, recently noted that if you want to drive your words into the minds of your prospects, use a ‘visual hammer’ to do it. Ries was talking about advertising, but his advice applies to all communications. “Nothing is so powerful,” says Ries, “... as a combination of a verbal nail [what you say] and a strong visual hammer [what you show].” I could not agree more, since that is the mantra of this newsletter. Some recent examples:

Dramatize Impact
James Poniewozik in Time magazine, discussing the New York Times and its plans to charge for online access to some of its news to boost its sagging advertising revenues wants to communicate how truly distressing and shocking just the thought of the paper’s demise is.

“The Times admitting vulnerability is like that moment when you see your father catching his breath on the stairs and you realize that someday he will die.”

Explain a Career Switch
Michael Steiner is a Wealth Manager at Regent Atlantic Capital who helps people plan their financial future. As someone who appreciates the power of visual hammers, when people ask him why he transitioned to financial planning from accounting, he replies, “Because I prefer being a fortune teller over an historian.”

Warn an Industry
Since iPad’s debut, there has been talk – and hope --. that the Apple device, and others like it in the market, could be a savior for the newspaper business representing an opportunity to renew the romance between printed material and consumers who have abandoned reading newspapers by the millions because of the Internet (and other news outlets like cable TV). But Randall Rothenberg, President of the Internet Advertising Bureau, has a contrary view and does not think such a romance will be easy to foster. “It’s that very romantic impulse that should serve as warning that a pre-nup is needed, for without continuing..cross industry managing [various complexities involved in that combination], the iPad and its ilk might only make ...problems worse.”

Don't leave home without a visual hammer in your communication tool kit.  There is always a need for it.

See you next month!.

Anne Miller
Make What You Say, Pay — With Metaphors.

Not Elegant, But it worked...
From a participant in a presentations seminar several years ago... Anne, your use of metaphors has stuck with me. While not always able to be creative, you have me thinking about them. The other day I had occasion to put it to work.

The MS Outlook program on my computer was not sending the emails I was writing, but was stacking them up in the Outbox. After trying various means of self cure, I emailed a potential source for help… In the subject line: Outlook constipated / Need laxative

It got the person’s attention on a busy day, added a smile, and with my false sense of pride, I felt better even before the problem was solved.

Emails are now going with regularity.

David Creeger, CPC
Sanford Rose Associates

Thank You...
[Anne’s] seminar was perfectly tailored for my group. Anne really took our specific needs and personalities into account [and] met each of my goals. Everyone in the seminar felt as if they'd walked away with a new outlook on presentation writing and an arsenal of new tricks. Also, Anne was very supportive and kind in her style...funny and current and engaged her audience fully. I would highly recommend Anne for similar work."
Marketing Director, W Magazine

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