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May 28, 2010


No doubt many of you will be with friends and families this holiday weekend and may find yourselves playing your favorite sport. Jim Micklos, VP Business Development at Fusion Performance Marketing and a long time fan of The Metaphor Minute, sent along this wonderful Sports Illustrated article about America’s widespread attraction to sports for its metaphors. See how many you have heard, how many you use, and how many you want to use. Go, team, go!

Have a great holiday.

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Anne Miller
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Would this have helped Goldman Sachs?
Last month I invited metaphors that Goldman Sachs could have used to combat the metaphors hurled at them by Congress and the media to demonize them for the economic crash (“great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity,” “cracking down on Wall Street’s shell game,” ”tweaking the odds in their favor on a slot machine.”

One reader suggested the following:

Seems to me like the Sachs folks could have simply gone with a fast food metaphor – “We're like McDonald's: you know the food isn't quite that healthy, but the people want it anyway, so we provide it. Fat people are no more McDonald's fault than broke ones ours.”

Not sure that tone would have won them any sympathy, but, at least, it would have presented an alternative view of the situation.

Thank you, Mark Heminway.

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