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Metaphor Minute: Batter Up




November 23, 2010

Batter Up!

You are a venture capitalist in the process of taking over a company. No surprise, the employees are resistant to the take-over. Discussions have been going on for a while. At the final critical meeting, the President does an outstanding job of supporting you with these employees. You sit down to write him a personal thank you note. You know he is a rabid baseball fan and decide to tap into his love for the sport.

I wanted to thank you personally for this exciting opportunity. The company is a diamond in the rough, I hope to help Company X become a brilliant gem stone for you. Lots of work to do, great help and support from the whole team. Barb, Michael and Sal are the best batting line up any pitcher could hope to have on his team. I will undoubtedly have a few walks, but hopefully more strikeouts than balls and I know we can win this game with you as the coach.

My sincere thanks for this great opportunity. I know I will see you lots of times before the ninth inning, but feel free to come out to the mound anytime you want to talk.

Warmest regards,

Hit Your Own Home Run
A little over the top for you? Maybe, but not for Bob. He loved the genuine thoughtfulness, humor, appreciation, and optimism dressed up in the language of his favorite sport.

What are your clients’ passions? What imagery can you use to “hit home runs” with them when it comes to writing them congratulatory or thank you notes?

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with friends or family.

See you next month!.

Anne Miller
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