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Metaphor Minute: No 'Ceiling' On Metaphors




July 29, 2011

No "Ceiling" on Metaphors?

Whenever stakes are high and passions are deep, as night follows day, you will always see metaphors from widely different sources being used by all sides to capture the essence of what's happening.

I am talking about the debt ceiling debate and the approaching August 2nd deadline for a decision. Here are just a few recent examples:

From Factories & Fireplaces: Time

Time: "How bad is it [the debt ceiling and deficit talks]? Could the US become the next Greece?"
Simpson: "As my pal Erskine Bowles [co-chairman of the deficit-reduction commission] says, 'We're the healthiest horse in the glue factory."
Time: "What's the biggest obstacle to cutting the deficit?"
Simpson: "The absolute rigidity of the parties. I've never seen that before. Somebody said they're as rigid as a fire-place poker but without the occasional warmth."
Belinda Luscombe interviews ex-GOP Senator Alan Simpson, 8/8/11

From Mythology: The New Yorker
"...One argument your hear for having a debt ceiling is that it's useful as....a 'pre-commitment device' - a way of keeping ourselves from acting recklessly in the future, like Ulysses protecting himself from the Sirens by having himself bound to the mast." James Surowieki, 8/1/11

From Gambling: USA Today
"James Giulano of Vibrant Investment Group thinks....the dollar could fall could soar to $1900 to $2000 an ounce soon...'Hopefully, the Democrats and Republicans can figure something out,' he says. 'It's like they're playing Russian roulette." John Waggoner, Kathy Chu 7/25/11

From Children's Games: The Wall Street Journal
"The debt crisis has arisen because most Republicans and some Democrats are refusing to support a debt-limit increase unless it is linked to sweeping deficit cuts. But they can't agree on the nature or scope of those cuts - and that leaves them in a starting contest, each insisting the other blink first." Natalie Bendavid,Carol E. Lee, 7/29/11

Limited Only By Your Imagination
Metaphors to make your points can come from ANY source. Think beyond the usual sports and war metaphors to drive home the points you want to underscore in your written and oral communications.

Make what you say pay — with metaphors.

Anne Miller

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