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Metaphor Minute: A Sudsy Sale




November 15, 2012

A Sudsy Sale

Alexa B. found herself in NIH, (No Interest Hell). She tried everything to get commitment from her real estate brokerage client on the east coast to do branding advertising on her very popular and, for them, very appropriate advertising venue.
She met with him in February. He wasn’t interested. He felt word of mouth was his best sales tool along with various events his firm sponsored to attract interested buyers. He was deaf to all the supporting data Alexa had about her website’s visitors and their potential value to his brokers. He just did not see why he should advertise.

Alexa continued to stay in contact with him for months with emails and phone calls, all of which he dodged.

Then, one day, Alexa noticed that his company was hosting an upcoming event. “I reached out immediately with an ‘It's been a while!’ e-mail and, to my delight, he actually responded.”

“We were in the meeting again discussing the value of how advertising could bring visibility to, and support for, the success of his event. I could see that nothing I was saying was really resonating until, exasperated, I pointed out that Proctor & Gamble doesn’t sell soap by just keeping it in the closet. He chuckled, paused, then, said, ‘That is so true.’ And he agreed to advertise.

Change the Movie in Their Head
We do what we see. Alexa’s prospect originally saw no value in advertising. Once she replaced the “no value in advertising” movie playing inside his head with the P&G metaphor movie, he immediately saw the wisdom of advertising. Changing minds can be as simple as that.

What movie is playing in your listeners’ heads? What metaphor image can you use to replace it to get the result you want?

Make what you say pay — with metaphors.
Anne Miller

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Two Favorite Metaphors from the Recent Election
Describing the 2nd Presidential Debate, which, as you recall was very contentious and held in a Town Hall meeting format: Obama and Romney were "like two roosters in a ring." Like "Abbott & Costello for angry people."

See my letter in The Wall Street Journal about the power of metaphors to ultimately trump story-telling because of increasingly shorter and shorter attention spans of listeners.

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"The best arguments
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7 Signs You Need A Metaphor (Visual Language)

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  2. Your listener is stuck on an objection
  3. Your listener is confused
  4. Your listener sees no difference between you and your competition
  5. You want to drive home a point vividly and memorably
  6. You have to wiggle out of a difficult situation
  7. You want to wow or motivate a larger audience

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