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Metaphor Minute: Bond, James Bond

The METAPHOR MINUTE Newsletter by Anne Miller

March 13, 2014

"Bond, James Bond"

How many James Bond movies have you seen? Do you remember how James Bond liked his vodka martinis? “Shaken, not stirred.” Short, sweet, clear and memorable. Wouldn’t it be nice to be remembered by clients for what you do with equally easy recall? That is often challenging when you and your competition all claim to have a “process” that is “tailored” or “customized” to client needs. One company however overcomes that obstacle quite effectively.

The Bridge Group creates inside sales playbooks for clients. Since 1998 they have helped hundreds of technology service firms increase productivity, drive higher conversion from leads, and maximize Inside Sales performance. The key to their success with clients is their (customized) process.

When they talk to prospects, they don't say, "Look at this great playbook with all its bells and whistles that we can build and customize for you.

Instead, they describe their process this way…

Many vendors have ideas for improving sales rep performance.
Sales leaders need to find, not only great ideas, but ideas that sales reps will embrace.
Empowerment is the key to success.
Reps who are involved feel empowered.

So, The Bridge Group process brings the reps in at the beginning of the creation of the new playbook through to the end, using their feedback, ideas and insights to shape the final playbook. Then, reps can say, "Thank you for helping us give birth to this amazing sales enablement tool. Now we are in charge of its care and feeding. We know it will only get better as we get better."

Job done.

Bottom-line (metaphor drum roll, please) your playbook, Mr. Prospect, is baked in, not bolted on, to your sales team.

Process explanation and competitive positioning accomplished in two vivid contrasting metaphors.

If you are a sales manager, you instantly “see” the unique value of The Bridge Group for your team.

Have a Vodka Martini Your Way
What metaphoric image(s) can you use both to capture your unique value and to set you apart from competitors?

Anne Miller
Make What You Say Pay — With Metaphors.

For more information on The Bridge Group, Inc., click here

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