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Metaphor Minute: Presley, Bezos, and Sex

The METAPHOR MINUTE Newsletter by Anne Miller

Oct 15, 2015

Presley, Bezos, & Sex

Unless you have been sleeping under a rock, you can’t help but read, see, or hear about the various candidates running for President. What intrigues me are the images that are used by commentators in all the media to “frame” both our understanding and emotional reaction to them. A couple of examples…

  • Donald Trump “Everyone loves a carnival barker and reality shows can be amusing, but when you get to the point of seriously deciding if that person should be the leader of the free world, expect many Republican voters to pull the lever for someone else.”  - US News (Who would want a “carnival barker” with every negative connotation that name evokes to be leader of the free world? Volumes communicated in a single image.)

  • Hillary Clinton & Bernie Sanders “Says (Alan S.) Blinder, Clinton's outside adviser: ‘You don't find Hillary Clinton looking to burn the (economic) house down but rather to improve the furniture or maybe even the structure of the house.” Sanders is readier with the matches, saying on his website that ‘it is time to break up the largest financial institutions in the country.’” - Bloomberg (If you weren’t sure of the differences between these two democrats, at least according to Blinder, these two images set the stage for understanding their different approaches.)

You get the idea.

Brain Candy
Commentators, candidates, bloggers, etc. all reach for metaphor to influence how we think and what decisions we should make. These pros know that metaphors are “brain candy,” the cognitive food that our brains eat up and crave.

I’d like to direct you to three entertaining Ted talks about metaphors that illustrate

  • Why metaphors are such powerful, powerful tools for influencing, persuading, & explaining anything to anyone, Watch Metaphorically Speaking by author James Geary. (See how Elvis Presley figures into his talk.)

  • How your choice of metaphor shapes your listener’s entire understanding of what you are explaining. Watch The Electricity Metaphor for the Web’s Future by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos.

  • How metaphor can be applied to any topic, no matter how sensitive. Watch Sex Needs a New Metaphor. Here's One… by Al Vernaachio, sexuality educator. (No surprise if you want to watch this one first!)

Elvis, Aristotle & You
Look again at your key communications. What do you sell? Who do you need to influence? What do you explain? Whose support, resources, approvals, permission, agreement do you need? What metaphors will resonate with these listeners to shorten sales cycles, win project approvals, rally others to your cause, create change, or even land you a new job?

Anne Miller
Make What You Say Pay — With Metaphors.

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