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Metaphor Minute: More Icebergs!


Mar 16, 2016

More Icebergs!

Last month’s TMM newsletter Close Deals. Open Conversations with an Iceberg. hit a nerve with readers. A number of people wrote to share how they also use the iceberg metaphor in their businesses. I thank them and present their stories here with the goal of triggering additional ideas for you.

Promote Your Philosophy
Susan Zimmerman is a consultant/educator in the field of financial planning. Uniquely qualified both as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Chartered Financial Consultant, Susan blends the best of both worlds to help her clients discover their motives relative to their financial resources with the ultimate goal of helping them create the best financial strategy for themselves.

Says Susan, “We all have thoughts and emotions about our lives. This is true relative to our financial lives as well. What you may not have thought about lately, is whether most of your thoughts reside in your conscious awareness, or outside of it.”

“Our thoughts are similar to an ice berg. Most of them are actually in our subconscious mind, hidden from view. This is true about our financial thoughts as well. That’s especially the case with emotions that spring up in our financial dealings.”

Susan then helps clients understand those iceberg thoughts, which she puts into eight buckets to help them develop the right financial strategy for themselves. She describes the process as a little like “… receiving specialized SCUBA gear to go beneath the surface of your thoughts and emotions, take a look under the ice berg, and bring it to the top for fresh perspectives to reward you with much greater peace of mind about your finances.”

She shares her system for getting under everyone’s iceberg for matching the “urge to splurge with the craving for saving,” as one commentator said, in her book, The Power in Your Money Personality.

What would be your philosophy or system’s iceberg?

Rebrand Yourself
NESC is the National Executive Service Corps, a non-profit consulting firm, founded in 1977, that strengthens other non-profit groups to help them deal effectively with their challenges and capitalize on their opportunities.

They needed a quick way to help people understand at a high level what they do and to also understand that they offer many, many services. Cue the iceberg metaphor!

The “top” of the iceberg visually communicates that there is a broad visible mission of the group and the submerged larger part communicates that there is a myriad of services that support that mission. Here is the image on their landing page:

What does your brand iceberg look like?

Keep it Simple
Again, metaphors and analogies make the complex simple and the simple meaningful. An iceberg can do both for you.

Anne Miller
Make What You Say Pay! — with Metaphors

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As readers of this newsletter know, I recommend keeping a personal collection of strong metaphors and analogies that you see, hear, or read for potential future use. In that spirit, I will be including a few that resonate with me that you may like as well.

1. Argue the benefit of one change in a procedure, process, organization.
Eric Weiner on the nature of genius from his book, The Geography of Genius:
“Genius is like a chemical reaction. Change one molecule and you change

What is the”it” you want to change? What is the one “molecule” that would make the difference in outcomes?

2. Reframe the problem to solve the problem
Tom Wainright, "If Economists Waged the Drug War", The Wall Street Journal on how to win the drug war:
“Government continues to treat the drug problem as a battle to be fought, not a market to be tamed. The cartels that run the narcotics business are monstrous, but they face the same dilemmas as ordinary firms—and have the same weaknesses.” His article goes on to show how working on the demand side rather than the supply side of drugs would change the outcome.

What problem or challenge can you resolve by changing the lens through which you are describing it?

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