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Metaphor Minute: Sharks, Ships, Snakes & Cakes


Feb 15, 2017

Sharks, Ships, Snakes, & Cakes

Ray Bigger and his team call themselves “The Productivity Architects,” which should immediately alert you to their appreciation for the power of metaphoric language to influence and persuade rather than forgettable language like “Executive and Team Development Consultants.” Indeed, the Architect metaphor is woven throughout their website.

Singapore based, with an impressive client list that ranges from Oracle to Burberry, Ray shared a number of metaphors with me that he uses in his management and sales development work to re-shape client’s thinking and create change in individuals, teams, and companies. Here are four that you might adapt to your work.

Blood in the Water

Management consulting often uncovers serious problems within an organization. Understandably, managers are not always willing to hear how bad things are. In
fact, they sometimes default to defensive explanations as to why a situation is the way it is. When that happens, Ray pulls out a gut punch metaphor to get the client to re-focus and take action. In one case, he told a senior manager, “Look, you are swimming in shark infested waters here! Your team is dysfunctional and split and, if you don’t take any action, there will be blood in the water very soon, not only for you, but for the company, and its share price as well.”

Ray says, “That usually snaps them out of their defensiveness, gets them to see the issues through a different lens, and then we can begin work on the recommended corrective measures.

Cast Off!

However, consulting isn’t always about surfacing problems. Consulting often uncovers opportunities as well, but visions without action is just daydreaming. In one instance, Ray was counseling a mid-level manager who was fearful of moving on to a more senior, more visible job opportunity. After presenting the case for accepting the job, and seeing that the manager was still wavering, Ray clinched his argument by saying, “You will never discover new horizons if you never leave the shore.

The magnitude and resonance of the opportunity metaphor ultimately eclipsed the client’s apprehensions and he accepted the job.

When They Go Low…

It can be very tempting to accept business from questionable clients. After all, revenue is revenue. Right? Wrong. What is a questionable client? One who is itself in a suspicious business, one who deals badly with its clients, one who thinks nothing of maximizing your services and then demands that you lower your fees, etc.

“This dilemma doesn’t happen often, but when it did,” Ray said, he asked his client, “Why do you want to do business with someone who has morals lower than a snake’s stomach?

Cast in that light, Ray’s client eventually saw the folly of continuing to work with that client and ended the relationship.

Having Your Cake & Eating it as Well - Not

Finally, in the age of the acceleration of just about everything, clients often want to cut corners on a process to get a project done more quickly. After Ray explains the downside of doing that and the client is still pushing for speed, Ray has said, “What you are asking for is rather like expecting to bake an award-winning cake by leaving out 50% of the recipe. Can’t be done.

That usually ends the client’s unrealistic demand for short-cutting a project.


These examples reflect Ray’s understanding of the power of crafted* metaphors/analogies to

  • Create a new lens for how someone “sees” an issue
  • Stimulate fresh thinking
  • Achieve a different outcome.

What lens do you need to change to advance your causes, your business, or your career?


Anne Miller
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