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Metaphor Minute: How Quick on Your Feet Can You Be?

The METAPHOR MINUTE Newsletter by Anne Miller

NOVEMBER 15, 2017

How Quick on Your Feet Can You Be?

What would you say?

I belong to a networking group of business owners that meets weekly. Part of the meeting includes standing up and giving a one minute talk that relates to what you do so that others can recommend your services to their contacts. You might tell a story of a specific client you helped; you might share some tips from your area of expertise; etc. Because of the strict time constraint, people tend to prepare their remarks pretty carefully. Imagine our surprise, when the President of the group brought out a stick, an actual branch broken off from a tree, and asked each of us to incorporate the branch into our mini-marketing presentations. Talk about suddenly having to think on your feet!

“Stick-y” Responses
The money manager said, “What’s interesting about this stick is what you don’t see on it: the leaves and twigs that were once there. When you look at your retirement savings, what many people don’t see is how much they will really need to support themselves and how much they should be saving. That is why people need a financial planner. I will make sure that, unlike this dead stick, your savings and investments grow to allow you the quality of life you want in retirement.

The auto collision business owner said, “It is no fun when branches, particularly branches from large trees, fall onto your cars. When that happens, I’m the person you want to come to. We repair damaged cars quickly, professionally and cost effectively.”

The chiropractor said, “This crooked stick reminds me of many of the backs of patients I see in my work. Unlike this stick which is permanently crooked, your back can be brought back into alignment with the proper manipulation and massage. If you are experiencing any kind of back pain, give me a call.”

The IT services consultant said, “As you know, we live in a rapidly changing world. Unlike this stick, which is stiff and dead, technologies that support business today are fluid and constantly changing. Your number one job and area of expertise is your business. Our number one job and expertise is staying current with the technology that supports your business. Give us a call for a complimentary audit of your tech systems.

The wellness counselor said, “I help you “beat back” the debilitating effects that can happen after major life traumas like a death, job loss, divorce, or illness. I work with people to return them to a healthier, blooming life.

I said, “As a presentation coach and consultant, I help entrepreneurs “branch” out into the world of public speaking to generate additional leads for their businesses. There is an art to speaking to groups so that people come up to you at the end and say, ‘I want to talk to you.’ I can help you master that skill.”

And so it went for the next twenty people in the room.

What Would You Say?

It was an interesting and fun exercise in metaphorical thinking that forced people to think quickly in parallel universes. Try this technique in your world to strengthen your metaphor making skills and to create original ways to handle a variety of situations. At your next sales meeting, surprise people with a stick, or other object, and see how many different ways they can incorporate that item metaphorically to

  • Describe what you do
  • Handle repeated objections that you hear
  • Explain a complex aspect of your service
  • Creatively begin a group presentation
  • Rally a team to take a desired action
  • Drive home a key point in your presentations

It is an advantage to have fresh ways to make your points “stick” with your listeners!

Anne Miller
Make What You Say Pay! — with Metaphors.

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