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Metaphor Minute: NEVER Be Boring Again

The METAPHOR MINUTE Newsletter by Anne Miller

FEBRUARY 15, 2018

NEVER Be Boring Again

What’s more challenging than (1) being passionate about a topic that is critical to everyone but complicated to explain and (2) getting people engaged and motivated to act when that topic is also boring to explain?

We are talking about Net Neutrality, a really, really, really important issue for everyone who is online (and who isn’t?), but a topic that numbs people when they hear it.

Ann Handley, digital marketing & content expert and Wall Street Journal bestselling author, however, solves the problem. Using a simple, but effective, metaphor, she not only makes Net Neutrality easy to understand, but also leaves us highly motivated to do something about it.

I am delighted to feature her full article and clever video in this month’s issue of “The Metaphor Minute.” Click on “The Power of a Meaty Metaphor to Explain a Boring Concept.” to see and hear how she does it.

Ann shows how, with a little imagination, you, too need never be losing listeners to boredom or complexity.


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