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Metaphor Minute: Holy Metaphor Batman!

The METAPHOR MINUTE Newsletter by Anne Miller

OCTOBER 10, 2018

Holy Metaphor Batman!

There are many Comic Book Super Heroes, but let’s start, FOR NOW, with the “Justice League” [film] from DC Comics. If your marketing needs a super power punch, let’s review how these Super Hero members of “Justice League” come together with marketing inspiration!

Wow. If you are in marketing, could you resist this opening to marketing guru Linda Rey’s blog? Using the superheroes from the film “Justice League,” Linda takes a fresh approach to outlining timeless truths about successful marketing.

You don’t have to sell marketing services to adapt her metaphors to positioning or differentiating what you do in your world. You just need to think a little creatively.

Superhero Metaphors for Your World?

Here are two Super Hero excerpts from the five she uses metaphorically in her post:

Of all the Justice League Heroes, Batman might be the first, best choice. Why?

Well, Batman’s super power? Technically, he doesn’t have any. He’s rich; and he develops technology to conquer his missions. Oh, and he’s a detective, to figure out “sh(tuff”. (PG Blog)

That sounds awesome, right? A Super Hero with NO super powers! Note, he bruises and bleeds, much like the rest of us humans. And doesn’t that happen occasionally when we’re trying to find new marketing techniques and we make the inevitable mistakes?

Batman doesn’t stop! “We have to try.” He asserts.

If you love, live, eat, breathe and sleep marketing and if you’re relentless to try new things to see how you can be more visible for your business, Batman may just be the Super Hero you want to be. [Emphasis mine]

Robin: “You’re hit….”

Batman: “Flesh wound.”

As the Batman comic book reveals, sometimes you have to take a chance and switch gears to experiment with what gets you more traction, aka engagement. And, even if you find that the results aren’t what you expected, you can pivot to try something else. That’s the beauty of marketing. There are so many options!...

…Let’s now swoon over SUPERMAN. He was a “beacon to the world”, said Batman.

What does this have to do with marketing?

Superman makes us see the best part of ourselves to the world. That’s what marketing does. It helps people see what you do best and how they will fit your super power into their world…

Linda concludes:

“Find your super power, then, find your team. That’s what the “Justice League” did.”

From Ho-Hum to Holy Wow!

Linda’s key marketing messages were

  • Take a chance - (Batman)
  • Be both authentic and transparent - (Cyborg)
  • Show your best to the world - (Superman)
  • Do it quickly - (Flash)
  • Be persistent - (Wonder Woman)

Rather than write a dry expository blog that clinically explained these points, she reached for the Justice League super heroes’ metaphor to make her points in an engaging, fun, memorable way – which, of course just happens to model what she is selling: her marketing creativity.


What traits of her super heroes (or others) do your services share? How can you link them metaphorically to sell, position, or differentiate your services, so that you, too, become more engaging, more persuasive, and more memorable?

Anne Miller
Make What You Say Pay! — with Metaphors.

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