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Metaphor Minute: How 'Sand' Can Save Your Holiday Gatherings

The METAPHOR MINUTE Newsletter by Anne Miller

NOVEMBER 15, 2018

A "Top Ten" Thank You

At this time of the year, it is traditional to give thanks for what we have. Speaking for “The Metaphor Minute,” I would like to thank all the readers who continue to share their metaphor success stories and the subscribers who appreciate the power of this communication tool.

I thought you might enjoy my (arbitrary) Top 10 list of stories received over the years. Each one illustrates a unique challenge that was solved with a high impact metaphor. One of these may spark just the metaphor you need to help you get the results you want today from clients, managers, colleagues, employees, or investors. Enjoy!

Million Dollar Metaphor How an Original Metaphor Won a Million Dollars

The Ribbon of Life Use a Prop as Metaphor to Dramatically Nail a Point

Catnip or Caviar? How Contrasting Metaphors Create Urgency

Winning RFPs How to Get Your RFPs Read

Jack Be Nimble. Jack Be Quick... How to Easily Create Metaphors Across Industries

The Man Who Sold Hot Dogs Inspire Action with a Story Used as a Metaphor

Metaphors: Casual? Crafted? Creative? What Metaphor Works in High Stakes Situations?

I've Got Your Number Make Your Numbers Pop with Metaphors

Twist the Kaleidoscope The Best Way to Deal with Unreasonable Clients

If You Were on Time's Most Influential List How to Make Yourself Memorable

As Aristotle said: "To Be Master of Metaphor is Everything."
Wishing You a Very Happy Thanksgiving.

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  6. You have to wiggle out of a difficult situation
  7. You want to wow or motivate a larger audience

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