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Words Matter
Speak Visually To Get What You Want
We live in a visual culture. If you sell, persuade, or lead, people have to "see" what
you are saying. I will show your audience how to create the mental movies that
persuade, inspire, and move people to act.
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Story Ideas
  • When you talk, do people listen?
  • If they can't "see" it, they don’t "get" it
  • How did one word become worth $1.2 billion?
  • How to get attention in the first 5 seconds of a talk or sale
  • Take the boredom out of business meetings: How to keep them off their cell phones and riveted on your message
  • Outsmart the competition with lightning language
  • How a metaphor can save you from making a costly hiring mistake
  • Why didn't you say that before?! What to do when they just don't get it
  • Why 21st century business leaders need to become "Metaphorians"
  • Are you about to be arrested by the Speech Police? What 5 communication crimes are you committing?
  • What do a brown paper bag, a stack of dollar bills, and a hammer and nail have in common in driving home your point?
  • What is the shortest distance between two minds?

"Metaphors are communication home runs. [Metaphorically Selling] shows you how to hit them."
communications speaker, coach, and author has trained thousands of senior executives and sales teams at Fortune 1000 companies to communicate effectively, successfully and memorably. She is the author of four books, including two on the power of visual language to persuade, sell, & explain anything to anyone.
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