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Words Matter – Make What You Say Pay!


Buyers are drowning in information, strapped for time, and have increasingly shorter attention spans. For them, every second in the sales conversation or presentation demo needs to count. As a seller or presenter, there is little room for error. Learn how to combine best sales, presentation, and demo practices with language that connects to "make what you say pay"
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Business Development

"Getting sales people to think in a new way is not an easy task, but, thanks to you it's happening. (Reps) feel the difference between a 'vendor' discussion and a 'consultant's' "
Vice President
Dow Jones
1. Business Development Conversation

CHALLENGE: To prove you have the right to be sitting in the buyer’s office and to come across as a business professional with whom they will want to do long-term business.

SOLUTION: Master the consultative selling model essential for winning high-stakes business. Learn how to:
  • Immediately establish trust and credibility with clients
  • Engage them in a dialogue that runs deep and wide
  • Be seen as a consultative business person vs. a one-off vendor
  • Listen more effectively
  • Pre-empt 90% of a client’s objections
  • Avoid common traps: losing control of the process; selling too soon; conversation shutdown
  • Use what you learn to frame the most appealing solution to clients
  • Differentiation from competitors
  • Stronger, broader client relationships
  • Increased business

"Your session (70 people) was universally praised. This is no small feat when dealing with a New York based senior consulting group composed of our most experienced Partners and Senior Managers. Your preparation and enthusiastic delivery were exceptional and your material was right on target."

Professional Development
Deloitte & Touche

CHALLENGES: In sales, to become the client's clear and obvious choice with a presentation/demo that is compelling, credible, and convincing, and delivered with authority, comfort, and confidence. In technical, management and non-sales functions, to get your message across equally effectively whether in small groups, large meetings, or public forums.

SOLUTION: A unique approach combining strategy, learning styles, sports psychology, the latest brain research, and creativity into seamless, successful presentation/demo stories:
  • Cut preparation time in half
  • Turn information that tells into a story that sells
  • Engage people immediately
  • Keep your audience riveted on your message with visual langage
  • Talk to your audience's preferred information style
  • "I have a GREAT team, but Anne made us think differently about our presentations and has transformed the way we engage with clients. I highly recommend her for demo/presentation training."

    Trish Bertuzzi, President
    The Bridge Group, Inc.
    Move your audience easily and naturally to a next stage
  • Think on your feet
  • Work effectively with even the most complex visuals/demo
  • Avoid common traps: rambling; falling into a monologue; becoming a monotone; failing to make key points
  • Handle questions professionally and gracefully
  • Command the room with style and comfort consistent with your personality
  • New business
  • Support for change
  • Resources to develop your ideas
  • Investors for your company
"Competing against five of our toughest competitors, we won the $83 million investment account..What a valuable training session! Thanks again. I highly recommend your class to anyone in sales."
Key Asset Mnagement

CHALLENGES: To work through client objections, concerns, doubts, and stalls.
To close business with confidence and without pressure.

SOLUTION: Detailed strategies to move business and events to the next step. Learn how to:
  • Create momentum throughout the sales conversation for a natural close
  • Penetrate surface objections to get at the real problem
  • Manage, rather than fight, objections
  • Verify that an objection has been neutralized
  • Avoid traps: agreeing with the objection; becoming defensive or adversarial; getting stuck in stalls; conversation shutdown
  • Gain client's commitment professionally and with a high degree of specificity
  • Strength in dealing with client's concerns
  • Flexibility and comfort in closing under different circumstances
  • More business more quickly
"Kudos for being able to keep these high energy reps interested and involved for a whole day. Across the board they said the program was relevant, extremely practical, and fun."
EVP Sales

CHALLENGE: To survive and thrive in an environment where it seems that everyone wants to negotiate with you on everything.

SOLUTION: A proven process that leads to satisfactory outcomes for both parties. Learn how to:
  • Build your bargaining strength in the sales process prior to negotiating
  • Prepare for a negotiation (both mentally and on paper)
  • Open a negotiation that places you on an equal playing field with clients
  • Navigate through the process "without leaving money on the table"
  • Avoid the pitfalls of your negotiating style
  • Deflect pressure tactics
  • Hold firm on terms rather than cave in
  • Create value for your offers
  • Wrap up negotiations with relationships intact
  • Increased negotiating savvy and confidence
  • Better deals
  • Improved profit margins
Creative Thinking
Your "outrageous thinking" seminar had an immediate impact: editors who faced the daunting task of tackling familiar subjects applied your techniques with confidence and ease -- and the results have been terrific!"
Brdie's Magazine

"A plain iron bar is worth $5. If you make horseshoes from it, the value increases to $10.00. If you make needles, it is $3,285. If watch springs, $250,000. Ergo, the difference between $5.00 and $250,000 is creativity."

CHALLENGE: To generate new ideas on a regular basis with which to dazzle clients, vaporize objections, close business, eliminate problems, streamline procedures, and power up processes.

SOLUTION: Give your people what they never formally learned in school - an invaluable "MBA" in creative thinking to unleash their problem-solving powers forever and turn business-as-usual into un-usual business from now on. They'll learn how to:
  • Revolutionize their approach to thinking
  • Save time in generating ideas
  • Trigger creative thinking anytime anywhere
  • Reduced dependence on management for new ideas
  • Problems solved: sales won, deadlocks broken, time saved, productivity increased
  • A work force re-energized to meet and conquer all incoming challenges
"Absolutely marvelous seminar..This was the most original and most helpful of seminars in terms of helping people deal with the psyche of the many and varied personalities we come in contact with. Anne, you have my recommendation..I would personally urge other people to take advantage of your program."
ARchitectural Digest

CHALLENGE: To respond quickly and appropriately to clients' verbal, visual, and body language cues. To immediately be seen as the person with whom clients prefer to do business

SOLUTION: An understanding (based on research) of the four different, universal communicating "Styles" and how these "Styles" can be managed to everyone's advantage. Learn how to:
  • Read a person's preferred operating Style quickly
  • Honor and respond to a person's Style in a natural, ethical way
  • Use Styles to shape thinking, get results, build relationships
  • Understand the "Do's and Don't's" for dealing with each Style
  • Identify your own Style, avoid its pitfalls, and leverage its strengths
  • Work out entire strategies for dealing with particularly challenging people
  • Greater facility in gaining trust and information from clients
  • Flexibility in selling to/working with all kinds of people
  • Improved teamwork
  • Winning presentations
  • Easier negotiations
  • Shortened sales cycles
  • Closer client relationships
  • Reduced stress
  • Increased business
    (The Styles program is equally powerful in other interpersonal situations as well, including Managing, Team Building, Spouse Relationships, and Negotiating.)
"Your presentation was clearly the top-ranked among more than sixty sessions and workshops... Our impression of you was, in a word, superb!"
Executive Director
Association For Fitness In Business

CHALLENGE: A 21st century program combining time-styles and the latest research on stress with proven time management principles to help your people get the most from their business and personal lives in a 24/7 always-on world. 

SOLUTION: An understanding (based on research) of the four different, universal communicating "Styles" and how these "Styles" can be managed to everyone's advantage. Learn how to:
  • Manage the hidden drivers of your use of time: "Time-styles"
  • Get "in sync" with how the brains works to dramatically reduce stress
  • Use proven systems, strategies, and tips to increase productivity
  • Minimize personal time-robbers like email, interruptions, and paperwork
  • Avoid becoming overwhelmed by day-to-day details and keep focus on the big picture
  • Balance business and personal needs
  • Reduced Stress: have a greater sense of control over your life
  • Increased productivity: get more out of each day
  • More fun in your life: a deeper sense of general well-being
Your breakout was a huge success. Lots of people talking about it"
Program Director
The Executive Forum

CHALLENGE: The business world is under immense pressure. People are busier than ever before, are more overloaded with information than ever before, have less attention than ever before, and, worse, are less likely to try something new than ever before. Against these obstacles, how do you engage clients and audiences, hold their attention, and persuade them to act? 

SOLUTION: Change the way they “see:
  • Tap into the fact that the human brain is wired for visuals
  • Use the power of visual language and involvement to grab and keep attention
  • Create memorable openings and closings in presentations & public speaking
  • Make the complex simple and the simple meaningful
  • Bring life to PowerPoint visuals
  • Use props to "pop" your arguments
  • Differentiate yourself from competitors
  • Shorten closing cycles
  • Wow audiences of one or one thousand
  • Change the world
Thank you for all the ways you’ve worked with our people and made them even more effective in their presentations. You truly are a master.
Marketing Director
RegentAtlantic Capital
What a brilliant training…the way you engaged us and drew us out of ourselves was truly remarkable. I despise public speaking and I left perceptibly less fearful. You have my and my fellow IABer’s gratitude
Asst. to CEO

Once again, thank you for a terrific presentation. You are a 10+.
Women’s Global Alliance

Funny, current & fully engaging.
Conde Nast

I've been to a lot of training programs and yours was the best!
I can understand why Anne is in such high demand. - Her session was packed, the content meaty, her style highly interactive, and her perspectives were fresh
Jill Konrath, Author -SNAP! Selling
As entertaining and provocative as you were helpful. All I heard afterwards were raves for the meeting. Many thanks for a C-suite win!
The Executive Forum
Anne has provided excellent career coaching expertise and presentation skills training to me recently. The work paid off immediately, resulting in some business wins.
Brian Bolton - True Action Network
One of the smartest minds and best coaches in media is Anne Miller
Chief Digital Sales Officer
Wall Street Journal
Her attention to detail, and genuine passion for what she does, comes across immediately, and never wanes. I would recommend Anne for your career coaching needs.
Brian Bolton - True Action Network
Anne Miller is one of the best training and development consultants I have met. Her energy and obvious intelligence imbue everything she does.
Director, Professional Development
Booz-Allen & Hamilton
Anne: You were simply amazing at our session last week. Thank you so very much!
Marketing Director
RegentAtlantic Capital
I have a GREAT team, but Anne made us think differently and transformed the way we engage clients. I highly recommend her demo/presentation training.
Trish Bertuzzi
The Bridge Group

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