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Presentation & Sales Specialist
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Words Matter – Make What You Say Pay!
When you talk, do people listen?

I help sales teams, C-suite executives, managers, and entrepreneurs combine (1) best practices (2) creativity and (3) the subtle power of language to persuade, explain, sell, and inspire others to get the results they want.

For Sales Teams & Entrepreneurs
Clients live in a busy world of too much information, too many choices, and shorter and shorter attentions spans. Every part of the conversation with them has to resonate and advance both the relationship and the business. Anything less and you will be tossed back into a sea of similar sounding offerings.

Learn the skills, strategies, & art of creating genuine connection, distinction, and momentum for action — from "Hello" to "Sign here." Click Here

For C-Suite & Management & Demo Presenters
When your listeners are bombarded with competing messages and are leery of change, the very nature of persuasion, understanding and leadership hinges on communicating your services or vision so clearly and creatively that the movie inside their heads perfectly matches the movie inside yours.

As Lee Iacocca once said, “You can have great ideas, but if you can’t communicate them, then, you have nothing.” Learn to present your great ideas successfully. Click Here

Make What You Say Pay!            

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Thank you for all the ways you’ve worked with our people and made them even more effective in their presentations. You truly are a master.
Marketing Director
RegentAtlantic Capital
What a brilliant training…the way you engaged us and drew us out of ourselves was truly remarkable. I despise public speaking and I left perceptibly less fearful. You have my and my fellow IABer’s gratitude
Asst. to CEO

Once again, thank you for a terrific presentation. You are a 10+.
Women’s Global Alliance

Funny, current & fully engaging.
Conde Nast

I've been to a lot of training programs and yours was the best!
I can understand why Anne is in such high demand. - Her session was packed, the content meaty, her style highly interactive, and her perspectives were fresh
Jill Konrath, Author -SNAP! Selling
As entertaining and provocative as you were helpful. All I heard afterwards were raves for the meeting. Many thanks for a C-suite win!
The Executive Forum
Anne has provided excellent career coaching expertise and presentation skills training to me recently. The work paid off immediately, resulting in some business wins.
Brian Bolton - True Action Network
One of the smartest minds and best coaches in media is Anne Miller
Chief Digital Sales Officer
Wall Street Journal
Her attention to detail, and genuine passion for what she does, comes across immediately, and never wanes. I would recommend Anne for your career coaching needs.
Brian Bolton - True Action Network
Anne Miller is one of the best training and development consultants I have met. Her energy and obvious intelligence imbue everything she does.
Director, Professional Development
Booz-Allen & Hamilton

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